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LabNaturalsSKIN Testimonials


"I’m a 68 year old male. I try to keep in shape through exercise and a healthy diet and lifestyle. One problem that I’ve been unable to eliminate is these huge bags under each of my eyes. I was picking up my supplements the other day at Murray Avenue Apothecary/LabNaturals, Inc. when the pharmacist suggested LabNaturalsSKINcare. In a matter of two weeks the results were amazing! The bags are actually gone and hopefully won’t return. Thank you LabNaturals and thank you Murray Avenue Apothecary for carrying this incredible SKINcare for women AND men!!"

-JK Pittsburgh, Pa


"I can’t believe the changes within my skin. It’s wonderful product."

“I am so loving the skin line LabNaturals!!! My skin feels so smooth and soft. The Peptides & Glutathione is amazing!! I bought the sample size product 4 comes in the pack and all of them are fabulous! Thank you, Susan!!!”



“I am just loving the Lab Naturals products! So glad I purchased the products. My skin is so soft!”

- A.W.


"Thank you Susan for the information regarding the Antioxidant Repair! I am ordering the product for my sister in law who has sun damaged skin and saw this on your website a few months ago and wanted to try it. This will be her second jar. She loves the product. She feeds off of my excitement. I'm encouraging her to use the Face RX in lieu of the AR. Small steps in the right direction.

I've told you before - your products are NEXT LEVEL and have been a game changer for me....and my skin was nice prior to starting LabNaturals. Of course I take my health and wellness seriously. I eat a very clean diet, hydrate, wear sunscreen, exercise and everything that I can do - naturally for my skin - I do. If I can see a difference in my skin- that's a big WOW for me. Like everything I do - if I don't believe in it - I can't sing the praises...... I want everyone to know about MAA and LabNaturals. I am a walking billboard. You must invest in yourself and your health - YOU ARE WORTH IT - period!

Thank goodness for the Greyhounds - that's how I found you many moons ago - corn care.

Be well and many thanks!"

- S. L.


"I'm a huge fan of FaceRx - it's NEXT LEVEL. I want to have the best skin I can have, naturally. What I eat and how I live all play an important role in how my skin looks. Using FaceRx has made a noticeable difference. My skin feels softer and has a dewy glow to it.

I trust MAA and LabNaturals - Susan does the work for me. I know what I am putting on my skin is nothing but goodness. Your skin is your largest organ - it deserves the best and LabNaturals is #1 in my world.

Thanks Susan - I'm grateful."



“Since using the Anti Aging Body lotion I have noticed a marked improvement in the appearance and feel of skin. Definitely in the upper arms where we tend to have creepy skin. Goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly. Absolutely recommend!”

- A.


“I have been using 3 of the products for about 2 months and they have been great on my skin. Smoother and softer to the touch. Love them so much. I have my two adult daughters now using them as well. Lot of compliments!!!”

- P. M.


I love MAA – Lab Naturals. Found MAA many years ago for help w/greyhound corns. Been purchasing the Acetyl – Glutathione and NAC for a while now. I love the products.

Then started a couple of months ago purchasing the Ralph’s Immunity for my 2-11 years old Greyhounds. I see a shift in their daily life – it is helping them. They deserve this product.

When Face Rx launched – being a huge fan & having the trust I do w/MAA and Lab Naturals it was a no brainer for me. I am a health and wellness nerd and eat/live well. That reflects in how my skin looks and my body feels.

That said-

I wanted to incorporate the Face Rx w/Peptides and Glutathione into my daily wellness routine.

My skin feels and looks more hydrated and has a slight glow. I know this product is good for me and I am super excited about incorporating this into my health and wellness toolbox.

I purchased and love the Vitamin C skin serum as well.

Huge fan – walking advertisement and always happy to tell the MAA -Lab Naturals story."


Hyaluronic Acid Capsules

“I just hate the way my skin feels without it!”
- A.

Takes just 1 day!
“I’m so sensitive to medications and supplements! I worked up to one capsule per day over the last year. I can finally close my arthritic hands. I’m so excited!”
- S.Y.

4/day for 1 month, now takes 2/day.
“I take Hyaluronic Acid Capsules for cracks in heels and fingers during the winter months periodically through the year for dry skin. After taking for 2 weeks, my heels and fingers were greatly improved and completely healed in about 1 month. My heels were so cracked I could not sleep at night.”
- C.

6 caps daily
“My husband said, ‘Oh my gosh! What happened to your legs? They’ve never been this smooth!”
- R.

3 caps daily
“After two months, I have had great improvement on the pain in soles of my feet, joints, and back. My skin is much smoother.”
- M.S.

6 caps daily
“My husband and I are nearly 60 years old. After using Hyaluronic Acid Capsules for only 8-10 days, he no longer needed pain relievers while playing golf. I could do my remodeling and painting projects while helping him with NO PAIN after only one week of Hyaluronic Acid Capsules. We recently went snow skiing – NO MUSCLE OR JOINT PAIN! I can sit on the floor with our grandchildren and get up unassisted and no pain. Our skin so soft now. We love it! Thanks!”
- B.R.

2 caps/day for a year and a half
“My skin has been the best it’s ever been – I have had knee surgery and am hoping it will help my joints.”
- J.

Takes 6/day
“I don’t have to use my moisturizer anymore….I used to bathe in mineral oil. Now, after a shower, I just towel off and GO!
- D.

Takes 6/day
“I’m a diabetic, and normally in the winter, my shoes and socks are covered with dead skin that my slacks rub off of my legs. This year, NO DRY SKIN!”
- Dr. S.

Face Rx Peptides plus Glutathione


"I have been using skin care products for many years – SKINCeuticals, Lancome, Chanel, all very pricey....I started using Face Rx the past month and I am so impressed with the results on my skin. My skin is brighter, toned, and firmer. I feel so confident in my skin since using this product."

- Trish Domis, LabNaturalsSKIN expert


"Combining the Face Rx in the morning with Vitamin C Serum and at night with L-Retinol has done wonders for my 63-year old skin!"

- S.M.


"I have been using skin care products for many years – SKINCeuticals, Lancome, Chanel, all very pricey.

My Esthetician commented on my skin when I got a facial. I started using Face Rx the past month and I am so impressed with the results on my skin. My skin is brighter, toned, and firmer.

I feel so confident in my skin since using this product."

- Trish Domis, LabNaturalsSKIN expert

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“I started using LabNaturals Hyaluronic Acid Lotion about three weeks ago and I am just amazed how my skin looks and feels and the compliments I received on my dewy skin. It is like liquid gold!”

- P.D.


“Healthy eating and exercise are first and foremost…but I shamelessly have to give a shout out to your magnificent LabNaturals Skin care products too!!! I’ve tried many “popular” skincare lines and always go back to LabNaturals. Your lotions and serums are amazing. My 60 year old skin glows and is so happy! I’ll never switch again.“

- J.F.

I have known Susan for years and always admired the youthful quality of her skin. When I saw her most recently I stopped to ask just what her secret was. Certainly she had to have a secret, and I wanted “in”! She shared that she was dedicated to using the line of cosmeceuticals she created for women who wanted their skin to be as healthy as possible. Well hers actually glowed! And now I’m very pleased to share that my skin glows too.

Just to set the record straight, my skin is so sensitive that I can’t do facials, react with redness, irritation and tearing to most top-of-the-line facial skincare products and could never do any injectables etc as a result. So I was a bit skeptical and yet also hopeful.

Not only am I now able to experience the benefits of retinol, hyaluronic acid and peptides, (store-bought were too strong for my skin), after one month of using Susan's perfectly compounded morning and evening regimen, I am truly awed by the healthy, youthful appearance of my face. And the entire line is so competitively priced that it’s a no-brainer gift to myself (and my husband). Thank you Susan! Also love your deeply knowledgeable advice around usage."

With gratitude,

- B.B.

LabNaturals Skin Care Acne Line and Susan's Acne Protocol to the Rescue!

"Thank you for your amazing skin care...What a difference it has made! It also does a wonderful job keeping my skin looking its best."

— Michelle Wright, WTAE Pittsburgh News Anchor

"It was a cold and windy night. Earlier I had gone for a brisk walk which turned into a jog then sprint as the cold Pittsburgh wind blew right through me. Flash forward to about midnight. The skin on my legs felt very dry and itchy after the earlier exposure to wind and current exposure to heat from our furnace. My wife was asleep. I didn't want to wake her from the scratching but I had to find a way 'to put something on' my skin to quickly hydrate it or at least give me some relief from scratching. I reached for the first bottle of 'lotion' or whatever I could find. In the dark, using the flashlight app on my iPhone, I applied about a nickel size dab of a product labeled, 'LabNaturals Anti-Aging Body Lotion'. Let me tell you it provided instant relief. Less than ten seconds after I applied this stuff to my severely dry & itchy legs the entire dry appearance (and more importantly) the itchiness was gone. I don't even know if this product is designed to do that, but it sure worked and feels great. I can't wait till my wife wakes up in the morning so I can tell my wife of my miracle discovery, although she will probably tell me it was designed to do just that! Either way this stuff is amazing."

— Anonymous

"I recently started using your Daytime Firming Peptide Lotion and Dreamy Night Cream...They are wonderful!"

— Anonymous

"I've had problems with my skin since I was a teenager. Antibiotics, birth control, over-the-counter and prescription solutions... You name it, I was on it to treat my acne. My last hope was accutane; however, with the extreme risks, I decided to not take the chances and just deal with the bumps and scars. It wasn't until Susan of Murray Avenue Apothecary introduced me to Lab Naturals that myself, and my friends, noticed a clear difference in my skin. I tried the full set- scrub, cleanser, lotion, spot treatment and toner. My favorite product of the group is the scrub. Not only does it make my skin feel smooth but I believe it's reduced the appearance of my scars. I use it everyday before applying make up. It's been almost 11 years since my first acne treatment and this is the first time that I can say I have little to no breakouts. I will never go back to anything else!"

— S. S.

"To say that I love the Clear Skin Control and Clear Skin Toner would be a huge understatement...I have seen a huge improvement in just one week, so I am so excited to try more LabNaturals products."

— Anonymous

"I love LabNaturals! I just started using it 5 days ago and immediately I could see and feel the difference. My skin feels tighter, my pores look smaller, and my acne doesn't seem to be acting up like it usually does."

— Anonymous

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE your LabNaturals and especially the DREAMY night cream. WOW... I'm allergic to perfumes and everything I've tried is terrible...until this! You have a new faithful customer!"

— Anonymous

"No sagging - My eyes look refreshed. People say I look awakened. Ageless Glow is great in winter, and the Dreamy Night Cream really does work at night!"

— Anonymous

"LabNaturals Skin Care products are amazing - REALLY! My skin feels fresh and soft."

— Anonymous

"Love the products! Great service. Will continue to order from you for as long as you carry them! Thank you!"

— Anonymous

"I have seen a huge improvement in just one week, so I am so excited to try more LabNaturals products."

— Anonymous

"I hit the age of 46 and my skin went "bonkers". Through consultation with Susan, she immediately identified the problem and recommended Probiotics. Guess what? I am beautiful again! (Smile)"

— M.B.

"I tried the LabNaturals line of facial products. I love the Daytime Firming Peptide Lotion and the Vitamin C 20% Skin Serum and the Dreamy Night Cream, and last, the Eye & Lip Treatment. These products are wonderful - I have definitely noticed an improvement in my complexion. It's smooth and firm; the lines and wrinkles are less noticeable. I love the way my face feels. The products go on wonderfully without leaving my face greasy like the Mary Kay products did that I was using. They are all absorbed into my skin to do their job. The fragrance is nice and light too. I also tried the Refreshing Apple Cleanser. My face has never felt softer and cleaner. The Vitamin C 20% skin Serum, Eye & Lip Treatment, Daytime Firming Peptide Lotion, and Dreamy Night Cream absorb in beautifully. Love, love, love these products!"

— Anonymous

Refreshing Apple Cleanser

Day 1: Loved the Apple Cleanser – great night time me time

Day 2 AM: Skin was less blotchy and very smooth

Day 2 PM: Could feel the firming effect the whole routine was very relaxing

Day 3 AM: Skin very smooth

Day 3 PM: Less dark circles under eyes from eye cream

Day 3 AM: Very smooth skin, spreads nicely

- A.S.

Day 1 AM: Eye Treatment with Glutathioneeye care works great!

Day 1 PM: Evening Routine – skin feels good, soft

Day 2 AM: Love Eye Cream, Love Vitamin C 20% Serum!

- C.B.

Day 1 AM: All the products felt like silk on my face. Use very little makeup and it felt enhanced

Day 1 PM: Very simple routine – use very small amount of each product

Peptide Plus Moisturizer:

Day 2 AM: Feels like velvet on my face and it felt toned

Eye Treatment with Glutathione

Day 3 AM: decreased my puffiness around my eye lids

Dreamy Night Cream

Day 4 AM: Alternate with L-Retinol, skin felt firm and toned

Vitamin C 20% Serum

Day 5 AM: helped with lines and age spots – used on neck and hands, really liked product!

- T.D.