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CBD VIDDLEZ Dog Chews Beef/Bacon

Brand New Product!

LabNaturals, Inc.is proud to introduce Viddlez Balance CBD 5mg Soft Chews for your pet!

Owner Susan Merenstein, Pharmacist chose this formula for your beloved pets because unlike our competitors who use OIL based pet chews, our Viddlez Balance CBD soft chew is made from WATER SOLUBLE CBD!  This is very important because the absorption, bioavailability, and effectiveness is increased 2-3 times over an oil based product.  

Your pet will feel the effect faster!

As with all LabNaturals CBD products this NEW pet chew is THC-FREE!  

THC can be lethal in pets, especially in higher doses.

Viddlez is Beef Bacon flavor- your pet will love them!



·         Anxiety

·         Arthritis

·         Thunderstorms

·         Car Travel

·         Separation, and more!

Storage - Store in a cool, dry location, in a sealed container at room temperature. Keep container closed when not in use.