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Your Skin and Inflammation

Your skin is the outward expression of your body’s health and is the body’s largest organ. Stress can ruin your skin and it shows through skin conditions like acne, inflammation, and more!

Only in the last 2 decades have formal studies revealed the connection between stress and the skin. Watch if a rash appears out of nowhere or persists long after you’ve tested for everything.

The sun is a skin stressor

Too much sun exposure can be very damaging to the skin through ultraviolet radiation (UV) and UV radiation can be carcinogenic (causing cancer). Don’t forget the tanning beds and their constant effect on the skin. UV rays signal blood cells to rush to the exposed area in an attempt to repair the damage-hence a sunburn.

Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation may also cause darkened blemishes and moles. The best way to combat UV rays and sun stress is by applying sunscreen every morning, at least to the facial skin. But other experts suggest limiting sun time between 10am-2pm and not using sunscreen. If you do use sunscreen, make sure it is a physical block, not a chemical sunscreen.

There are certain nutrients with the ability to boost your skin’s natural sun protection.

Limonene, a chemical derived from citrus peels, has been studied for use in cancer prevention medicines. Eating citrus peel may also provide sun protection.

Fruits high in antioxidants and vitamin C (like strawberries and pomegranates) have the ability to protect your cells from the free radical damage caused by sun exposure.

It’s important to remember that eating these foods does not replace wearing sunscreen. You should still wear sunscreen in addition to considering eating foods high in limonene, vitamin C, and other antioxidants.

The Inflammation Factor

Inflammation causes hives, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea, and acne. Rosacea can look like acne so make sure you know the difference.

Did you know that when the brain is stressed it can lessen your skin’s protective properties and capabilities? Did you ever wake up with a big pimple during a stressful week or after an argument?

The best way to fight inflammation is to find and delete the cause which may be hard.

Speaking of thin skin….

When stress is very high and cortisol levels are high (this is the time to test your hormones with our Cortisol salivary panel), the skin may get thinner, because cortisol can break down our skin proteins, giving the skin a paper-thin appearance. This can lead to easy bruising and tearing of the skin. This may be associated with HYPERcortisolism known as Cushing Syndrome. Other symptoms include glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, muscle weakness, and an immune system that is subpar.

Hair loss, scalp issues and brittle nails

At age 64, I still nibble at my cuticles when I am stressed, do you? Its unconscious I know but it’s my body’s stress response by producing cortisol and it triggers my fight or flight response.

I also know as a hormone specialist that cortisol interferes with thyroid hormone and its activity at the receptor. The point here is that low thyroid function causes hair loss, and brittle hair and nails. We test thyroid hormone and cortisol hormones, as well as sex steroids in our at home test kit available at http://www.vitalhealthpharmacist.com

Just a reminder to always eat well and make sure you are getting good nutrition which is crucial for healthy hair and nails. Try your best to exercise regularly and eat a nutrient-dense diet of fruits and vegetables.

And finally remember that usually what erupts on the skin is coming from the gut so a good probiotic does wonders for the microbiome. We recommend Probiotic 30BU and Megaspore Biotic.

Tired eyes and orbital skin

When you are stressed and not sleeping well, you may find that people comment about the dark circles around your eyes. Sleep deprivation shows on the skin and that is related to stress.

Even at night when adrenaline is constantly flowing in a constant fight or flight mode, our bodies are running too and unable to “calm”.

I love essential oils in my room at night, as well as taking Magnesium at bedtime. I always avoid my computer and overhead lights at night at least 3 hours before bedtime. And I do not eat before bed, so that my body can rest and repair vs digesting food which creates free radicals as a by-product. Did you know that Melatonin’s major responsibility is to be an antioxidant to the free radicals created while the body cleans house at night? I take it nightly.

I have a yoga routine (for seniors and it’s standing as well) I do about an hour before bed.

And I always take CBD, but I take it in the am and still get a refreshing night’s sleep. My husband takes CBD at bedtime and falls asleep within 10 minutes! CBD may also help insomnia and sleep apnea.

Eliminate Stress

Long term practice meditation and yoga, two proven stress reducers

Avoid artificial foods and sweeteners and processed foods

Fruit is always a better choice than fake sweeteners, olive oil over margarine and fish and chicken over too much red meat.

I make a personal “stress drink” every day with our MAA Magnesium Powder and our Inositol Powder mixed together with Cortisol Calm, and MAA Zen capsules.

Don’t forget to breathe! I have a framed poster in my office at the Apothecary that has the word “breathe” right in front of me!

We cannot avoid stress but we can make ourselves more adaptable to it. Balance your hormones, eat well, move, and practice stress reduction techniques to unburden your body and make your skin glow instead of age!

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