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Maintaining Healthy Skin

  • Climate control indoors
  • Humidifiers to keep air moist
  • Limit static electricity – moisturized skin will minimize static shock; walk on carpet without shoes to minimize friction
  • Use appropriate moisturizing soaps
  • Avoid antibacterial soaps; they tend to dry out the skin
  • Moisturize after bathing/showering
  • Keep the body hydrated
  • Drink six to eight glasses of water daily
  • Limit caffeine intake
  • Limit long, hot showers or baths that drain body of moisture
  • Use safe sunscreens with micronized zinc oxide when in the sun and Vitamin C.

A recent article in the Townsend letter for doctors and patients, and the Wall Street Journal, concerning the rise of breast cancer in the U.S. , stated that some of the culprits in contributing to this increase were toxic ingredients and mutagenic ingredients commonly found in almost all cosmetic products.

Most skin care products contain ingredients like preservatives, dyes, and chemicals that have NO VALUE in the beautification of the skin and may in fact contribute to hormonal or endocrine changes that are responsible for breast cancer/ It is no secret that anything applied to the skin can and almost always is absorbed into the blood stream and must be handled as a toxic compound. These ingredients do not evaporate after application to the skin. An example of this would be the chemical preservatives called parabens. Parabens are endocrine disrupters that mimic the hormone estrogen and have been found to accumulate in the tissue of women with breast cancer. Safer alternatives are available such as essential oils that are antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral and do not disrupt endocrine systems and do not accumulate in the breast tissue.

These essential oils are not as stable as parabens and thus LabNaturals products do not have long shelf lives, that is, they must always be fresh and they must be turned over in 2 years. Parabens on the other hand may increase shelf-life up to 6-8 years. This is why the major cosmetic companies use these parabens.

Other dangerous chemicals are added to most cosmetic products to enhance the texture, elegance, or appearance of the product. LabNaturals products produce this same elegance without the toxic ingredients. It is more costly to do this but the effort is worthwhile as these poisons are eliminated.

LabNaturals products also use the exact isomer of the “Chrially” correct form of a nutrient, which is more efficiently utilized by the skin

If the ingredient does not perform some very important function in the product, it is not added. LabNaturals products are the finest, least toxic skin nutrients found on the market at a reasonable price.