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Climbing the Ladder to Clear Skin

My name is Megan and at 22 years old I am still struggling with acne. Since I hit puberty no matter what I seemed to try, my skin never got better. My dermatologist put me on every treatment you can possible think of. Proactive, Epiduo, Retin-A, benzyl peroxide, oral antibiotics and birth control are a few of them. Upon first coming to Murray Avenue Apothecary, I was trying to solve a yeast problem I had been struggling with for years. I had been seeing doctors and they all encouraged me to do a candida diet or something similar. Some just gave me anti-fungal medications thinking it would be a quick fix, but it was not. Their regimens were always so complicated or never worked and I could never seem to find a plan that would work for me and that was easy to understand. For years, I spent hundreds of dollars trying to follow doctors orders and never getting anywhere nor fixing my problem. But six months ago, I finally had reached my wits end with my constant yeast infections, sluggishness and brain fog. I had heard of Murray Avenue Apothecary from my mother and one day just on a whim my boyfriend and I decided to stop in and see what they were all about. Erica and Susan were both super friendly and helpful, giving us a diet plan and a choice amount of supplements to use while on the diet. I was really excited because this was the simplest plan I had ever come across. It actually seemed do-able to me. After a week on their diet plan, I couldn’t even believe the results I had. I can’t say it wasn’t hard and that I wasn’t sick for quite a few days at first, but the simple fact that my body felt cleaner to me than it had in years was more than I could ask for. Every minute of struggle was so worth it!! We finished out thirty days of the diet and supplements and now continue to take them on a regular basis and follow a less strict version of the diet. Previous to this past January, I would suffer from yeast infections every month during different parts of my cycle, and now I have yet to have any yeast problems!! This was the beginning of my journey to health. After this I realized that maybe I could fix my acne problem if my yeast problem could be fixed. I’ve been using LabNaturals for about 3 or 4 months now and I can honestly say my skin has never looked better! The initial outcome I had was pretty crazy. I struggled with cystic acne on my cheeks and chin that leave deep red and purple scars. I would say about a month into using the LabNaturals my cystic acne disappeared and I have yet to see a cyst on my face since using their products. Nothing is easy and I still continue to eat a clean diet and take probiotics, which I feel have both contributed as well to my improved face. Acne is a struggle and I honestly feel for everyone out there who battles with it. I still struggle with it to this day and my face and body are all a work in progress, but I have come a long way from where I began and have seen some major improvements. I read lots of blogs but I have never felt like I, myself, could be a blogger. I always felt like no one really cared about the way I lived my life, but recently I feel inspired and after suffering for so many years with my yeast and acne problems, I want to share my story with other people who may be struggling as well. It can be done! I promise. It is hard work and takes a commitment but I believe your body is worth it and so is your health.